When Searching for a Central Asian Shepherd Puppy

central asian shepherd puppy

Central Asian Shepherd dogs are a rare breed, so when you're ready to get your Central Asian Shepherd Puppy, it's important to avoid the following when looking for a Central Asian Shepherd Breeder.

  1. Breeder says that parents are Champions, but no official certificates or titles (AKC,UKC-IABCA-ARBA,RKF) presented.

  2. Breeder says that they don`t believe in Hip-Elbow Dysplasia (etc diseases), therefore they don't check their breeding stock.

  3. Breeder says their dogs run, jump, chase each other etc. and never limps, and according to them, show good orthopedic health.

  4. Breeder refuse to make videos of puppy or parents in moving pace, or has no videos of Central Asian Shepherd Puppies or parents where they run or play.

  5. Breeder says puppies are register-able but when you ask him about registration for sire and dam, one or both of them have no registration.

  6. Sire or dam only have not FCI recognized registration

  7. Sire or dam have registration in foreign language only. Big risk its not bred you want or you will not be able to register your dog in the US.

  8. Breeder who lives in the same country as the buyer, but refuses to meet in person and show dogs or puppies and will only sell/ship puppies online.

Another popular one I`ve seen a lot in ads is that the Central Asian Ovcharka breeder  claims the dogs are health checked yet no certificates can be provided upon request. Once you start digging deeper you find out that "health checked" means the dog was seen by a vet and received vaccines.