Our puppies,Mothers day litter turned month on june 14.

we decided to present them photosession with professional photographer. All our central asian shepherds took part in it. they re all well socialized and confidient, not agressive to peopel who show no threat.

Central asian shepherd pregnancy


Our dog Aya is 42 days pregnant, today I found her digging under dog house. we have pebbles and hard clay soil  there,so it not easy to dig. you can see results of  few hours digging at pictures below.

central asian ovcharka  

central asian ovcharka


Instincts telling her that she need to do it,like her ancestors did thousands years ago and even now in areas where central asian ovcharkas are habitats..

Holes for nesting puppiesare made by the females of the Central Asian Shepherd in natural conditions. The entrance to the hole is usually located in the shade, next to some kind of shelter (stone, wall,under building). The dimensions of the hole with the nest chamber, built in a very firm ground, can be shocking- it can accommodate an adult man without much inconvenience



Message to a Future central asian shepherd puppy owner

Central asian shepherd alabai puppies are truly cute, but they  require a lot of work and training.  Fluffy puppies grow up and if not trained and socialized  early and properly they will not develop into good companions and guardians.  When,we,Guardian dog kennel  place a puppy into your home we guarantee that it's temperament is sound.We will socialize puppy from early age and evaluate temperament for each.  When you bring your central asian ovcharka puppy to your  home you  are in charge of whether or not that temperament will stay sound.  Training for Alabai puppy begins the minute their eyes  an dears are open and ends the day they take their last breath! Please,remember this and take it into account before you commit to buying a Central asian shepherd puppy or any puppy!

I do  realize that sometimes due to unexpected  circumstances some families can no longer keep their dog. I`m  here to help. I can help with training and socializing,please ask me about options to train your puppy before it goes to you. I NEVER want any of dogs brought from our Kennel , going into a shelter or sold to someone else!  Nor do I want them just given away unless we approve  the new  home.  We will  take back any Central asian shepherd dog that we sell or help the owners to find a new home.

Here are some IMPORTANT things to take into consideration before buying a central asian shepherd puppy:

1)Our Central asian shepherd are half kennel half  house dogs .We bring them to our house on daily basis to communicate with us .We also spent time with them outside. We take them for a walks.we require our puppies to be a family pets (keeping the dog in a garage, chained , crate in barn,does not count).

2)If you work full time please don't contact me for a puppy unless you have a  Serious PLAN as to what you will do with your Central asian ovcharka puppy during the day.  Young pups cannot stay home all alone during a work day.   Please don't tell us that your previous dogs did this and were fine.  I am as certified dog trainer,  know that it`s NOT  fine and  we will not sell an alabai puppy into a home that is going to leave it unattended or locked in a room or crate for the day.  This is cruel!This is not fair.  Dogs are social animals and require human contact on daily basis.  Your  central asian shepherd puppy will not develop well if left alone for extended periods of time. Please, Look into a puppy day care program or hire a private sitter-dog walker to come into your home and have that in place BEFORE you contact us!  Yes I know this add an expense to having the dog but if you are unwilling to do this, then DON'T buy a dog or any animal that requires human contact for that matter.

3)If you rent please understand that you must provide  a copy of your lease showing that you are allowed to have a dog, specifically a large breed.  Also we have to speak to your landlord!

4)If you contact me because you want to surprise your wife(fiancee)kid,parents.. with a dog..please,.think again!  Its not Christmas gift-surprise. No Central asian shepherd puppy will be sold without everyone in the family knowing about this dog!

5)Please,LEARN about the breed! Central asian shepherds are not the breed for everyone!  While family friendly,calm ,good with kids, central asian shepherd is  too much dog for the first time owner.   Please,Ask me questions if you need more information.I provide lots of breed information at our website too.

While some phrases of what I say here may seem too harsh, please understand that it is for your benefit!  If what was said here made you think about, why you want a dog then it was written for  good.  There are just too many unwanted dogs in shelters because of people who buy without thinking or just by impulse..  If you love this ancient rare serious Central asian shepherd, please choose wisely and be sure you are ready for a Alabai puppy.  If after reading this, you feel you are not ready for a Central asian ovtcharka puppy yet, then please, talk to me.  As you move forward in your process of getting a central asian shepherd puppy, keep in mind that owning a dog is a life time commitment, and it can be up to a 12-15 year commitment.  If you cannot dedicate at least 12-15 years to a dog please don't get one.

Central asian shepherd is guardian or attack dog?

Guardian ability  or why my dog is not protecting me?

I got calls from people who ask me if  i sell aggressive puppies, when i ask them to explain; they describe me a puppy who attacking everyone and everything at age 2 month old...I dont have such puppies and I`m glad I never had.

I also heard this so many times from people: "my central asian shepherd puppy is already 4-8 months, and he  loves everyone, let strangers into the yard and house, does not exhibit the qualities of guardian dog...." I`m surprised how irresponsible these people are, who got  a serious  guardian dog and even dont care to read Central asians shepherd literature.Central Asian ovcharka puppy is a dog of late adulthood, and there is nothing surprising in the infantile behavior-year-old dog, and it does not mean that the dog is not able to protect.Central asian shepherd Puppies grow and develop in different ways, both physiologically and psychologically. Someone begins to stand on guard at 8 months, and with others it happens after 1-1.5 years.

It is not good to demand from the young dog, whose psyche has not yet been formed the expectation of adult work. Attempts to force young dog to bite in most cases, will not bring anything except for harm , not self-confident dog in this case will be required to show aggression only in the presence of the host, and will not be able to work independently.

Even worse when owner of central asian shepherd puppy demand at an early age to protect as German Shepherd. Dog thinking for what reason it has to attack the man who represents no danger. A distinctive feature of the central asian shepherd  is THE indifference to strangers who do not pose a danger.

 Central asian shepherd can perfectly distinguish a real threat of falsification! Blindly execute "orders"  is the inheritance of the high defense attack dogs of service breeds, central asian shepherd base his guardian work on the value of what he protect: territoriality, and boundless love and respect for the owner.

Only proper education for central asian shepherd puppy from young age, the formation of a good contact and trust with the owner allows to develop a security qualities. Force or suppress guarding instincts means to shape not the right idea about the protection in your dog mind. .Its enough to allow to central asian shepherd to realize their natural potential, not to start protection classes without going through the obedience course first (in order to avoid losing control over the dog) did not encourage or instigate barking at all that moves. central asian shepherd barking is a warning,  no reason to reinforce the barking,or you will teach your central asian shepherd puppy to be a barker. barking at your territory should be ignored, not praised, then later central asian shepherd puppy will be able to grow this period and move to the next, the real protection.

 When Growing a guardian  dog you should remember that it is impossible to deprive a Central asian ovcharka from contact with other people,  members of the family. Contacts with friends, acquaintances who visit the owner is needed for several reasons. I know opinion that dog needs to be closed when guests come, and this is wrong. Initially, the dog must understand that the presence and absence of people in the house determines by her owner.

Communication with other people, friends and acquaintances gives the central asian shepherd puppy a confidence to those who are not a member of the "pack" and only confident dog who is not afraid of the unknown people will be able to protect in the future. When Isolated from people Central asian shepherd dog familiar with only a very narrow circle of people with whom she grew up, is bound to be wary of the other, in most cases it will manifest itself in the form of aggression with or without, and in rare cases of avoidance, fear of any contact, the latter case dogs whose psyche can not be considered typical of the breed.

The second point is a need for such communication. You will not to have to tied out dog in the presence of guests.

The third point .This way you will get an adequate attitude to people outside the territory.

All this does not mean that everyone who enter the house must squeeze and pet your puppy, but let central asian shepherd puppy to explore other people the way he feel comfortable , is what we call socialization. The more people and places dog then stronger his psyche and stronger self-confidence, then more effective and fearless dog will be as guardian. The man behind the fence will not be an unknown and frightening.

 No need to fear that Central asian shepherd puppy or young dog is sociable. In most cases, this sociability extends itself to the end of the formation of the psyche, and will stay only for a select group of people, with a few exceptions. Such exceptions may be no genetic, or proper upbringing. Under not proper upbringing mean that ,Central asian shepherd puppy had lack of communication with the owner ,and it forced to make puppy to seek attention from others.

And now the reverse side .when you own a guardian dog, Never, under any circumstances, the owner should allow outsiders (non-family members of same household) to control a dog, train, punish or praise. why? Central asian shepherd puppy can developed not a correct understanding of the social structure pack of your family. The puppy will not understand either his or your social status, and thus formed the understanding that any person may perform any act with him.

genetic mentality dominant factor for the guardian dog, but everything else is our correct understanding of how the guard should be brought up.

You need to socialize your central asian shepherd puppy from an early age,  correcting not the desired behavior, and encouraging desired.

Then your puppy will be your best friend, you can trust him to be around friends and he will protect you from mean people.

this is video of natural ability of our dogs to guard and react  if person is teasing and mean;they never was taught to bite  and it was a surprise visit for them