ears and tails?

some people ask me what will happen if central Asian shepherd will have ears and tail

 central asian shepherds have this famous look(no ears and tail)for almost 5 000 years

protecting property and live stock from predators as wolves is not an easy job and wolf will fight back to kill.Grab ears and tail,making these parts of body destroyed and bleeding. So for almost 5000 years central Asian shepherd have tradition to get cropped ears and tail in early age(2-5 days old)

 if you love eras and tail ,here picture showing how central asian shepherd look alike with natural ears.

I like traditional look  better but  if you want puppy with ears and tail, I can keep it just for your puppy.




How to meet and pet a dog

central asian shepherd puppy.jpg


I decided to write this post because I took my 2 Central Asian shepherds  to dog-friendly place today and 99% of people who want to pet them did the same mistake.

People often make the mistake of meeting dogs in the same way that they would meet a -human friend.They move into the dog’s space and try to give the dog hugs. Most dogs don't want to be hugged or even petted by strangers.It's not mean they re aggressive or shy, but they don`t like being pushed.

I made video with my dog Aya showing that slowly pushing fist to stranger`s dog face is really wrong.


  1. Do not approach the dog and step into the dog’s space. It is much better to let the dog approach you on his own,so dog will decide if he actually want to meet you.I feel bad when someone push their dog in to sit and hold it in sit position, often hold dogs face while people trying topet.I feel bad for dog...
  2. Walking towards the dog and talking in a high-pitched voice can be very annoying and  threatening, and may cause shy dogs to become fearful. This may even trigger fear-aggression if the dog feels boxed in, and has nowhere to back up.
  3. If you really want to meet this dog,please, just stand still and use the time to ask the dog owner about his dog and whether you can meet him. During this time, make sure to ignore the dog.
  4. Not giving the dog eye-contact is important because that can also be seen as a challenge.Please don't stare to dogs face.
  5. Let the dog sniff you and if he is calm and not avoiding you, you can meet him by giving his chest a brief scratch.
    Please, Do not try to pet the dog from above the head. Please don't push your fist to dog face...its look weird and feel weird for dog..
    That is often seen as a threatening gesture and can trigger an aggressive reaction. Instead, approach from below the dog’s head and scratch his chest.
  6. If dog turning his head away,trying to move,don't pet it forcefully.Dont grab dog collar or leash.Respect the dog wish to NOT accept your petting.

Central asian shepherd alabai is great dog for hiking

Do you like hiking and thinking about getting dog who can be your hiking buddy?

Who is this person you can always count on to go for a hike whenever you feel like it? it’s not a person. It’s man’s best friend: the dog. A fit, happy,healthy dog will likely be more excited to hit the trail . Most dog breeds will enjoy a hike in the woods, but some dogs have back country survival in their pedigree. If you’re a hiker, you need to choose a dog that will be comfortable in the forest , at snow path,and on mountain trails. You’ll need a dog with good recall (comes when called) so it won’t go chasing madly off after a critter or a deer, or worse, a bear. Your dog needs to be strong and have powerful endurance. Central asian shepherd alabai is great dog for hiking. They do great with a variety of temperature from minus to over 100 F. they will protect you if someone want to harm you(animal or human) while you re hiking or staying in a tent or cabin.

Here pictures and videos from our latest trip to Upper Peninsula  Michigan, Ontonagon area.We visited Porcupine mountain state park, trails and lake Superior shore,Ottawa national forest and run some trails in woods.

This vacation  August 2017 we took our 2 central asian shepherds Alsu and Safar with us, we drove 10 hours by car and they just slept all way in back seat of our truck.They re perfect companions for hikes in woods,for walks at rocky shore of lake Superior, or they even followed us behind four wheeler . 90% they stayed without leash and not escaping .

They always alerted us if someone appeared far away at beach and let us know we re not alone at trail at Norwich bluff

 They can wear doggy backpack (we put water and snacks)

They will be around you:they will swim with you in lake  or  will explore waterfalls

They will follow shoreline while you re kayaking-canoeing.

Central asian ovcharka is the perfect breed for people who like to hike and stay outdoors.

They also have a unique coat which get clean itself even after going at the muddiest trails.

When we rode our four-wheeler they run after it,temp were in high 80.Each time we stop,dog went to shade and were relaxing until we start moving..

Central asian shepherd learned to save energy for 5000 year of their existence.they will not bounce around or run in circles.

They will not run after your fourwheeler until they overheat or exhausted, they will let you know that it's time to slow down

 With central Asian shepherd alabai I always feel safe hiking alone in woods .

central asian shepherd

The list of Breeder`s worst excuses

Here are the Worst Excuses which some breeders  actually use to explain why they do not health test their breeding stock. 

#. I refuse to have my dog  hips-elbows(etc) x-rayed because they will get sick from xraying and sedation! Veterinarians and veterinary assistants who are competent with radiography equipment can x-ray the hips of dogs without any problems, for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) evaluations. You do not get sick when you have x-rays for broken bones or teeth  nor does your dog. 

#. Heath tested and cleared dogs still could be carriers for a genetic defect and produce defective puppies, so why bother? Genetic health test clearances do not guarantee that  puppies will be disease-free, but the odds in favor of producing genetic disease-free puppies are greatly increased when only tested and cleared dogs are bred, and therefore it is irresponsible to the puppies and the buyers to not test and clear all breeding stock. 

# I can tell whether any of my dogs have hip-elbow dysplasia by watching how they walk, so I don't need to have their hips-elbow x-rayed! Wrong! Even board certified veterinary orthopedists cannot accurately diagnose or eliminate the possibility of hip-elbow dysplasia by watching dogs walk and move about. 

#. Whether I health test my dogs and what the results may be are nobody's business but my own! Wrong! It is irresponsible to the breed, to other breeders, and to buyers to refuse to disclose genetic health test results of breeding dogs. 

#. Current health tests are not always accurate, and I won’t health test my dogs until I know that the results will be totally accurate and definitive! While there never are absolute guarantees in medical testing, the recommended health testing procedures are the most accurate ones available and are updated as additional scientific information becomes available. This excuse is the last refuge of the irresponsible breeder who refuses to recognize what harm he is doing to the breed by breeding only for looks and ignoring severe genetic health defects. 

#. Health testing is just a marketing tool used by some breeders! Wrong, again! Another ofen-used excuse for not health testing breeding stock. Claiming to health test, but not actually fully health testing and disclosing the results, is a marketing tool used by many breeders. 

#. Too much health testing will prevent me from producing dogs of proper type and temperament! So, what this breeder ends up producing is pretty doggy which are much more likely to suffer. 

#. There is no [hips-elbow etc problems] in my bloodlines! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Every breed bloodline is infected with all of these severe genetic defects.

Finally, the ultimate attempt by irresponsible breeders to "put down" the puppy buyers who ask the tough questions is this one: I know what I'm talking about and you don't because I'm a breeder and you're not! I breed for 10-20-40 years and you re just a person who likes dogs:)

How we care about Central asian shepherd puppies from day one

This is our first litter born in Usa from our Russian import dogs,Safar and Aya.

 I want to tell a lil bit how I care about our Central asian puppies

 The day they were born-Mothers day 2017


We build nursery room for Aya`s litter in our barn. We also build a whelping box and ordered a plush alike floor cover for box.



Puppies staying most of the time with mother and do puppy thing- eat and sleep

I visit them several times a day and late evenings to check on them and touch them.

Mother don’t want to leave them for long time-so we feed here here in whelping room and take her outside for short breaks

Once puppies open eyes we start taking them to our house more often and let them stay with us .

I check their weight twice a week.

Puppies listen to radio 24 hours and it's mostly country:)

At 4 weeks old we taking them outside and let them stay with mother at fresh air. They exposed to noises as other dogs barking, engines, mower,rooster singing, and gun shots(we have some targets at property)and also fireworks from neighbor across our lake

They start to stay longer periods of time without mom and I feed them with blended dog food(Victor brand) and mix it with venison burger

We let our guests play with them and do alot of pictures and videos

Our other dogs interact with puppies as well. Safar, sire, love his kids and want to visit them every day.he lies in whelping box and let them crawl over him and even clean after them.he is good dad.

We let puppies stay outside in puppy gazebo with roof. They have an area to roam.they already prefer to NOt potty in the whelping box and wait till I take them outside.

I touch them , roll them over, hold upside down. I touched their feet from day one and I trim their sharp nails.

At 5 weeks old we introduced them to lake.some puppies made their feet wet. At six weeks old we let them swim under our supervision.

Mommy was very worried.

I spent about 4-5 hours day communicating with our dogs and puppies.

I take puppies on short car rides and let them explore our house more.

Puppies are brave, curious and not afraid of noises and people.

I'm a certified dog trainer and I see  on everyday basis,how many dogs could  be a  better pets or could be saved from being put down if owners would socialize them properly.

Please socialize your puppy so he can reach his potential and be a great Guardian dog and family member

I will always answer every of your questions about training and development, diet and activities.


Katerina Rekowski

Our puppies,Mothers day litter turned month on june 14.

we decided to present them photosession with professional photographer. All our central asian shepherds took part in it. they re all well socialized and confidient, not agressive to peopel who show no threat.