Q: Alabai looks like a huge dog. How much  do they eat?

A: Historically they were not having much food in area they guard, they hunt small prey and eat small amounts. We feed our 100lbs+ 12 month old dog about 4 cups a day of hi protein dry food, we also give raw meat as turkey necks or chicken backs (for lunch),venison, and sometimes cook soups with veggies and meat.

Q: What happened to theirs ears?

A: The ears are cropped when puppy is 3-5 days old, as well as the tail. Since this breed is a guardian dog who fought predators, ears were destroyed and bled so they started to get cropped when the puppy were young.

Do you have to crop ears? Can I have puppy with ears?

  • Yes. we keep standard look with no ears and docked tail.

  • Are there health benefits to cropped ears? Yes. Cropped ears allow better air flow. Increased air flow decreases moisture, which in turn reduces yeast, bacteria

  • Famous Lion or Bear look alike: Part of the attraction to this ancient breed is the appearance of the head.

Do you have to dock tails? can you keep tail for my puppy?

  • No.All puppies sold with cropped ears-docked tails.

Q: Do I need to have house and big fenced yard if I want a CAS?

A: No, you can have this dog in an apartment. The dog will be happy to cuddle with you on coach if you let him. No matter what home you have, you should walk your dog everyday and exercise. If you have a big yard it is continent for potty but dog will Not exercise himself even on 2 acres

Q: Do they shed?

A: They do shed all the winter hair in the late spring. You don’t need special grooming, just brush it out

Q: Does they smell like a dog?

A: We own Alabais from 1994 and I only wash them if they got very dirty or roll in dirt (sometimes once a year)

Theirs fur have natural ability to clean and have no doggie smell. They like brushing so you can brush them if you like to make them feel loved

Q: I see different colors, what colors are popular in this breed?

A: They can be all kinds of colors except blue with blue nose (like weimaraner or blue pitbul) ,also chocolate color with brown or pink nose is not acceptable. Tan color (as German shepherd-yellow with black mask and black back) is not accepted color as well. We use FCI standard to describe the breed.

Q: Do I need to train them to be guardians?

A: Alabais have natural ability to guard and protect. You should socialize your puppy with other dogs and people and go to different places to make him brave and sociable

Q: How long they live?

A: An average is 11-13 years old. If your dog is in a good weight and stay active and you care about its teeth (cleaning teeth is good idea, and can be done at home) - they can live even longer

Q: Does they have specific health issues?

A: They have good health but as big size dogs can have problems with hips. Please exercise your puppy according to its age and do not overfeed



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