Breed preservation or make it fashionable?

Please pay attention to the old photos of dogs of Central Asian descent. These dogs are not super known to many, they can not be considered as best example of breed, but pay attention to their type of constitution. And now open the photo catalogs of the latest exhibitions and look at the type of constitution of the winners of the CAO or dogs who imported or bred and judged by weight and heights only?. Do you see the difference ?! Most of the modern dogs are completely different from the original material of dogs in Central Asia! What is happening now at kennels with the commercial direction of breeding causes irreparable damage to the CAO breed. Gigantomania, saggy skin, wrinkled faces, friability, not functionality, weak immune system, weak nervous system ... is not a complete list of the characteristic features of modern CAO.
Friends, a huge request to all breeders - stop "improving" the breed, just try to keep it in its original form! And our descendants will be grateful to you.