Central Asian Shepherd Puppies for sale

The Central Asian Shepherds are said to be the oldest known breed of dogs in existence today. Per archeological findings, the Central Asian Shepherd breed dates back well over 5,000 years where they lived in large packs moving with nomads and working as a team to protect their charges. Even though the Central Asian Shepherd Dog has less inherited genetic diseases than most man-made breeds, they still require clearances of hip dysplasia as it is known to take the place of natural selection in this breed.

Even though Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are making history as therapy dogs and superior ranch dogs, they are not for first time dog owners. They are a naturally protective breed that required non-stop observance. In the following we will be sharing a few things you should know as a new owner of a Central Asian Shepherd Puppy.

Central Asian Shepherd Puppy Temperament and Behavior

From an early age, Central Asian Shepherd Puppies are bolt, curious and brave. These playful and curious puppies require a great deal of socializing. It is recommended to enroll them in a daycare or puppy group class.  It’s important that Central Asian Shepherd Puppies between the age of 3 months and 8 months old meet and socialize with as many people, dogs, and domestic animals as possible. As the puppy grows they should learn basic manners such as trusting owners with food, come when called, patiently wait for food, etc.  

It’s crucial to be very active in the early development of your Central Asian Shepherd Puppy. With each breed type within this group of dogs comes different functions, abilities, and inherited temperaments; it’s important to identify these traits as early as possible.

Central Asian Shepherd Puppy Feeding, Grooming and Care

Though Central Asian Shepherd Puppies don’t require any specific grooming, brush is always good for every dog. As your Central Asian Shepherd Puppy grows, they will develop a thick undercoat that results in heavy seasonal shedding twice a year.  Puppies between the ages of 2 and 5 months old should no use stairs as it can hinder hip, leg, and paw development.

Central Asian Shepherd Puppies should eat 3 to 5 cups of dry dog food per day. It’s better to feed your puppy 3 times a day than twice a day between the ages of 2 and 4 months old. Once your Central Asian Shepherd Puppy turns 12 months old, you can start feeding it once a day. Your puppy should stay lean since hip and elbow dysplasia is known to occur in Central Asian Shepherds. Remember not to over feed your puppy so they don’t get sick and give them at least an hour’s rest before and after meals. No running on a full belly!

Central Asian Shepherd Puppies are very hands-on but are totally worth it! They are lovable and loyal family companions and provide a few laughs and giggles with their unintentional yet adorable awkwardness and clumsiness as puppies. If you're interested in becoming a parent to a Central Asian Shepherd Puppy or would like more information on Central Asian Shepherds, please feel free to Contact Us.