Tips for New Central Asian Shepherd Owners

A dog's body language well tell you what they do and do not like.. Its not just about Central Asian Shepherd dogs, it is the same rules for all dogs!

What is most unpleasant for dogs  that  owners does in their daily lives?

This what dogs don`t like- Constant overhang above your dog, direct view and pushing your face to dog's muzzle. You probably noticed that many dogs are turning away from the camera, blinking or close eyes when you try to kiss them on the nose or forehead, almost shrink or lie down  when they hug. Naturally, it's a threat from stranger! If we respect the other person, we will never do it to him.we keep distance because its polite and well known. We close our eyes when kiss, smile and blink often, often, bringing face to face the other person turns his head away when near us actively gesticulate, squeeze your shoulders and back down when demand without climbing into our personal space, or hang above. But we completely forget that the dog is not a child.. The dog sees, understands and responds. And trust her master, who repeatedly constantly breaks her personal space, leans from above, stare in to her eyes, grabs by hands?

So does  it mean i cant  just hug and kiss my dog? After all, we have to show love ...

And the dogs are showing love toward us, in a similar way. Only they respect us, so they sure to show with their body, it's not a threat, but the game, or the desire to express their feelings. And we can do that - it's not hard! Do not overhang above dog, sit down and sideways to the dog, lean away from  dog, squint eyes, yawning, slow moves - and the dog will respond almost instantly with delight, they  will understand that you just want to express your  love to her.

central asian shepherd puppy