Central Asian Shepherd Puppies for Sale

all puppies are spoken for.to apply for future litter please go to APPLY page

parents Ofa certified(hips-elbows dysplasia free)

Previous Litter from Alsu

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me with Borz(balck n white)and Bahor,Litter B DOB Dec 23 2017

me with Borz(balck n white)and Bahor,Litter B DOB Dec 23 2017

Photosession with Litter B( born dec 23 2017)and Litter C(born jan 4 2018)

Parents of puppies are United kennel club Champions(www.ukcdogs.com) and also showing with AKC(/www.akc.org)

Please, pay attention that it`s only two official legit dog

            registries in USA : UKC and AKC



Puppy Bebe  is reserved




our puppy Bella,born December 23

our puppy Bella,born December 23



Litter from breeding of Alsu and Safar was born December 23. 5 boys and 5 girls. 

New breeding: Champion UKC Aya and International Champion ,UKC Champion Safar.Date of breeding November 1 2017


Litter from this breeding was born January 4 2018. 7 puppies

here video of this litter 



here our puppy Alihan  at 21 days old(was born from Aya and Safar  May 14 2017) and at 2,5 month old in his new home.

central asian shepherd puppy

this is Aina from our first litter.we keep her .

central asian shepherd alabai

Safar at 3,5 month old

Safar at 3,5 month old

I’ve known Ekaterina’s Central Asian Shepherds since they were puppies, and I am very impressed with them. They have great temperaments: very laid back and friendly. Even an inexperienced person could handle them. They are sturdy dogs with the stamina for any sports; her two female dogs were able to hike seven miles on hilly terrain at only five months old. At nine months, they were showing their guardian instincts on walks, not aggressive but protective like you would want from a dog like this. I’d recommend checking out Ekaterina’s dogs if you are in the market.
— Lisa Eick
Safar as puppy

Safar as puppy

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