Central Asian Shepherd – The Super Dog!

This morning Central Asian Shepherd gets up, makes a formidable, powerful roar, and then quietly lays down and no predator that heard this growling do not come close to a flock of sheep or the owner’s housing.
— Central Asian Locals

With such great power and malice toward outsiders, but at home (with proper training) are very gentle and good natured dogs, it’s easy to give the Central Asian Shepherd the title Super Dog! They are extremely patient with children and immediately takes them under protection. In some cases, in the absence of adults, Central Asian Shepherds would not let children leave the home or even open the front or back door. The CASD would treat them as a lamb in a flock, gently blocking and nudging them from the door. In a way, the CASDs kept the children from leaving the safety zone, and protected them from “unwanted” visits. In fact, many Central Asian Shepherd owners don’t use locks or gates as a means of home protection or defense because they know that their Alabai lives by a sacred cause, and woe unto those who penetrate the territory it protects!

The process of natural selection and evolution has given this breed “near-human” intelligence. Institute. Pavlov in St. Petersburg, Russia conducted experiments on the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, who for reason turned out to have the closest intelligence level to man in the animal kingdom! 98 dogs of the Central Asian Shepherd breed were used in the experiments. A great deal of interesting facts about the abilities of this breed came from Central Asian. At Guardian Dog Kennel, we take the time to interact and bond with our dogs to have the opportunity of observing the amazing Central Asian Shepherd behavioral traits up close and first hand!

Amazing Central Asian Shepherd Super Dog `Stories

“It was a hot Asian summer when the horse stables caught fire. The fire had completely engulfed the structure within seconds. It was so fast that people who were awakened by the fire were in a complete state of shock and confusion. The only one that did not panic and kept a cool head was Yulbars, the Central Asian Shepherd dog! He leaped into action knocking down the already rickety, charred barn doors and rushed into the inferno, from one horse to the other, franticly stirring them up and driving them out of the stables. Though the coats on the horses were badly burned, the life of every single horse was saved by Yulbars the Central Asian Shephed!

Long ago wolves attacked a flock of sheep that were guarded by two Central Asian Shepherd Dogs. The male fought of the wolves, but the female his mate, though worthy to fight, did not take part. Afterwards she refused to eat, reliving what happened, rumors say she died of starvation.

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs with no ears and no tails is a long-time tradition that span back longer than most expect. During excavations Turkmenistan, images of Central Asian Shepherds where found on silver plates clearing depicting the dogs without ears or tails. These images date back to approximately 4,000 BC!

Central Asian Shepherd dogs are surprisingly loyal to the one’s it trusts, and if specially trained, they take the Asian Track, do a search area, and will tirelessly pursue any offenders. Central Asian Shepherds are also known to be used for hunting big game. On the ridge, Babo-Tag in Tajikistan, two Central Asian Shepherd males assist his owners in hunting wild boar.  

I Keep my Central Asian Shepherd in my apartment. It’s too easy! He’s not extremely huge, doesn’t bark in vain, has virtually no odor, no fuss and doesn’t interfere. He’s very unpretentious in food and very quickly. As a puppy, he was already accustomed to cleanliness almost on his own!
— a CASD Owner

The Central Asian Shepherd breed becomes quite addictive, once you’ve owned and bonded with a Central Asian Shepherd Puppy, you will never change to a different breed!