The Central Asian Shepherd Dog

The Central Asian Shepherd is a large breed of dog that stands at about 26 – 28 inches and can weigh anywhere from 88 to 110 pounds. The masculinity of males should make them distinct from the females. They are slightly longer and sports a massive, muscular build.

The head of the Central Asian Shepherd is massive and appears to be rectangular when viewed from the side or top. Their flat skull has a very distinct occiput and a well-defined stop to the muzzle which makes the muzzle 1/3 – 1/2 the length of their head. The muzzle is strong, deep, and well filled beneath their eyes. The nose of the Central Asian Shepherd is commonly black with a straight bridge. Their lips are tight and commonly black in color. Since the Central Asian Shepherds have a strong and massive jaw and normal scissors bite, a compliment of 42 teeth is highly desired. It is also common for the Central Asian Shepherd to have level and reverse scissors bite as well.

The neck of the Central Asian Shepherd is moderate in length and very powerful with a very well-developed dewlap. Since the Central Asian Shepherds are accustomed to moderate work in colder climates, their shoulders are typically well laid and their elbows are close to their sides. Their forelegs are straight and thick boned with upright pasterns; their feet are round with very thick pads.

 The Central Asian Shepherd has a thick and sufficiently loose elastic skin to prevent injuries if in combat with predators. Their coat is a straight and coarse double coat with a well-developed undercoat. It can vary in length from the body coat from 1 – 2 inches to feathers on the legs and the mane on the neck which can reach 2 – 4 inches.

This beautiful, majestic breed of dog likely originated over four thousand years ago from natural selection and comprises numerous breed types that differ in size, color, head types, and hair types. Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are the most powerful dogs of the livestock guardian type dogs.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog tend to conform to social groups consisting of various members with differing duties. For work qualities, modern Central Asian Shepherds have been bred into different directions, depending on demand for specific abilities; but the key characteristics of this breed tend to remain intact. For example, most Central Asian Shepherds are protective against human intruders, safe with children, love and respect elderly people, they protect all small animals from predators, and are very gentle with all members of the family.