Pure bred or mixed?

I want to use a quote from USA breeder of other famous rare LSGD(live stock guardian dog)  Komondor.

this is what she said and I'm 100% agree on it:

`` I am a huge believer in purebred dogs - of any sort. The LGD breeds were developed over centuries with very specific and strict criteria used. Just because nomadic folks didn't keep written records doesn't mean the didn't have a goal in mind. Producing these multitudes of mutts is getting no one anywhere. It muddies the genetics, produces unpredictability and is exponentially increasing the numbers of dogs/puppies in shelters, rescue and plain old shot. I believe folks, especially newcomers, should work with responsible breeders who support their dogs, have years of experience (or a mentor who does), make efforts to breed only the best examples of their breed and every effort to produce healthy puppies.``