How to meet and pet a dog

central asian shepherd puppy.jpg


I decided to write this post because I took my 2 Central Asian shepherds  to dog-friendly place today and 99% of people who want to pet them did the same mistake.

People often make the mistake of meeting dogs in the same way that they would meet a -human friend.They move into the dog’s space and try to give the dog hugs. Most dogs don't want to be hugged or even petted by strangers.It's not mean they re aggressive or shy, but they don`t like being pushed.

I made video with my dog Aya showing that slowly pushing fist to stranger`s dog face is really wrong.


  1. Do not approach the dog and step into the dog’s space. It is much better to let the dog approach you on his own,so dog will decide if he actually want to meet you.I feel bad when someone push their dog in to sit and hold it in sit position, often hold dogs face while people trying topet.I feel bad for dog...
  2. Walking towards the dog and talking in a high-pitched voice can be very annoying and  threatening, and may cause shy dogs to become fearful. This may even trigger fear-aggression if the dog feels boxed in, and has nowhere to back up.
  3. If you really want to meet this dog,please, just stand still and use the time to ask the dog owner about his dog and whether you can meet him. During this time, make sure to ignore the dog.
  4. Not giving the dog eye-contact is important because that can also be seen as a challenge.Please don't stare to dogs face.
  5. Let the dog sniff you and if he is calm and not avoiding you, you can meet him by giving his chest a brief scratch.
    Please, Do not try to pet the dog from above the head. Please don't push your fist to dog face...its look weird and feel weird for dog..
    That is often seen as a threatening gesture and can trigger an aggressive reaction. Instead, approach from below the dog’s head and scratch his chest.
  6. If dog turning his head away,trying to move,don't pet it forcefully.Dont grab dog collar or leash.Respect the dog wish to NOT accept your petting.