How we care about Central asian shepherd puppies from day one

This is our first litter born in Usa from our Russian import dogs,Safar and Aya.

 I want to tell a lil bit how I care about our Central asian puppies

 The day they were born-Mothers day 2017


We build nursery room for Aya`s litter in our barn. We also build a whelping box and ordered a plush alike floor cover for box.



Puppies staying most of the time with mother and do puppy thing- eat and sleep

I visit them several times a day and late evenings to check on them and touch them.

Mother don’t want to leave them for long time-so we feed here here in whelping room and take her outside for short breaks

Once puppies open eyes we start taking them to our house more often and let them stay with us .

I check their weight twice a week.

Puppies listen to radio 24 hours and it's mostly country:)

At 4 weeks old we taking them outside and let them stay with mother at fresh air. They exposed to noises as other dogs barking, engines, mower,rooster singing, and gun shots(we have some targets at property)and also fireworks from neighbor across our lake

They start to stay longer periods of time without mom and I feed them with blended dog food(Victor brand) and mix it with venison burger

We let our guests play with them and do alot of pictures and videos

Our other dogs interact with puppies as well. Safar, sire, love his kids and want to visit them every day.he lies in whelping box and let them crawl over him and even clean after them.he is good dad.

We let puppies stay outside in puppy gazebo with roof. They have an area to roam.they already prefer to NOt potty in the whelping box and wait till I take them outside.

I touch them , roll them over, hold upside down. I touched their feet from day one and I trim their sharp nails.

At 5 weeks old we introduced them to lake.some puppies made their feet wet. At six weeks old we let them swim under our supervision.

Mommy was very worried.

I spent about 4-5 hours day communicating with our dogs and puppies.

I take puppies on short car rides and let them explore our house more.

Puppies are brave, curious and not afraid of noises and people.

I'm a certified dog trainer and I see  on everyday basis,how many dogs could  be a  better pets or could be saved from being put down if owners would socialize them properly.

Please socialize your puppy so he can reach his potential and be a great Guardian dog and family member

I will always answer every of your questions about training and development, diet and activities.


Katerina Rekowski