Central Asian Shepherd Puppy Early Development

Feed your puppy with love and quality time, not an excessive amount of food or treats!

Many dog owners feel that feeding their puppy hearty meals and treats is signs of affection, love, and nurturing . However, overfeeding Central Asian shepherd puppies can lead to an abundance of health problems and complications that can shorten or even endanger their lives. Here’s a look at why obesity is a big issue, and how to help keep your alabai puppy slim, healthy, and happy without all the extra treats or a never empty food bowl.

It’s important for dogs to have the right balance of essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals for their bodies to grow and function properly. Central Asian shepherd that aren’t fed a balanced diet can have a variety of health problems; such as bone malformations or poor density due to a lack of calcium and phosphorous. Or heart disease due to a lack of taurine. It's important to make sure that you're feeding your Central Asian Ovcharka the proper amount of food as overfeeding can cause many unfortunate issues.

“An obese puppy is not a healthy animal; they often have less energy and it is harder for them to get around, go for walks, and even get up. Obesity can lead to diabetes, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, and much more!

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