I want Central asian shepherd puppy but my fence is 2,4,5 feet

I have many calls from people who want to have a central asian shepherd and they have experience with big breeds and they have no fence or short ones.

We want to make our pups safe in new homes:if you plan to keep your dog in the backyard for an even short period of times without you standing close or leashed, you NEED to have secure fence.

A secure fence is 6 feet sturdy metal ,wooden or heavy-duty plastic fencing,with no gap under and with gate of the same height. Secure fencing is 4 sides fence area. 

For people who planning to keep dog outside but have short fence we can recommend to improve it with extenders similar to this

DOG ARM-2T.jpg

this is way how to secure fence area from digging-grass will grow thru so it will look nice and even