Pure bred or mixed?

I want to use a quote from USA breeder of other famous rare LSGD(live stock guardian dog)  Komondor.

this is what she said and I'm 100% agree on it:

`` I am a huge believer in purebred dogs - of any sort. The LGD breeds were developed over centuries with very specific and strict criteria used. Just because nomadic folks didn't keep written records doesn't mean the didn't have a goal in mind. Producing these multitudes of mutts is getting no one anywhere. It muddies the genetics, produces unpredictability and is exponentially increasing the numbers of dogs/puppies in shelters, rescue and plain old shot. I believe folks, especially newcomers, should work with responsible breeders who support their dogs, have years of experience (or a mentor who does), make efforts to breed only the best examples of their breed and every effort to produce healthy puppies.``

Central asian shepherd body and movement

Historically, these dogs were bred for working roles, such as protecting stock from predators- 4 legged and 2 legged,  guarding property and owners.. Once a big  sized dog, their popularity as guard dogs resulted in them being bred for a bigger size and heavyweight, also bigger head.. The resulting changes to the breed’s physical characteristics have now impacted on the health and overall look of central asian shepherd dog.

this is link to funny video where someone met central asain shepherds in woods,with drunk owner.dog is giant and even this dog have horrible rear end,cow hocks and look deformed from back view,its still powerful enough to pull his owner in to bushes

breeding dog just for color or size is unethical.Yes I met big size CAS dogs who did have good conformation, but in general it  were dogs not over 32 inches.



Central asian shepherd one of the ancient dogs in the world

Recently I read a lot of advertisements about mixed breeds. I have nothing against mutts when it happens naturally.But I believe that wonderful breed of Central asian shepherd should be kept pure. Its almost 5000 years old and we should keep it as it came to us

here interesting article about central asian shepherd-ALABAI figurine found  by archeologists


Central asian shepherd is a wonderful companion dog

Central asian shepherd can be a great companion dog, who will share every aspect of your life: taking to walk in city,or hike in mountains, swimming in a lake or protect your property and cattle.

 here a great example of healthy true to standard Central asian shepherd, who lives in Poland,she is 11 month old

she enjoys a  marathon  with her owner

Central asian shepherd is protector and loyal family member

Our dogs Aya,Alsu ,Safar and Aina (Safar`s and Aya daughter) are very sweet dogs with people who are nice.All our dogs are adequate companion dogs who can go with you everywhere and also protect you, your stock and  your property if threat appeared

here pictures of their sweet and serious sides:

I want Central asian shepherd puppy but my fence is 2,4,5 feet

I have many calls from people who want to have a central asian shepherd and they have experience with big breeds and they have no fence or short ones.

We want to make our pups safe in new homes:if you plan to keep your dog in the backyard for an even short period of times without you standing close or leashed, you NEED to have secure fence.

A secure fence is 6 feet sturdy metal ,wooden or heavy-duty plastic fencing,with no gap under and with gate of the same height. Secure fencing is 4 sides fence area. 

For people who planning to keep dog outside but have short fence we can recommend to improve it with extenders similar to this

DOG ARM-2T.jpg

this is way how to secure fence area from digging-grass will grow thru so it will look nice and even 



Pure bred or mix and bad breeding?

I do get calls from people who ask me to get them puppy who is extremely big,over 34 inches tall(or 40 inches) with loose skin and over 200 lbs.I dont have such dogs because I have central asian shepherds who re big but not giant breed and I was learning about this breed from late 80s

You can import puppy from overseas, and if you DONt know the lineage and what names are in pedigrees(or who is breeder)you can end up with puppy who is not central asian,but big dog with cropped ears and tail.

Here an example of breeding dogs for size. Mostly such mixes(bandogee)are created for fighting purposes. at picture its red male dog and white female who is mastiff and central asian mix.The other picture showing breeding central asian (ON LEFT)with saintbernard



yes, these litter can be registered as purebred. Dog business is corrupted as well.

YOU PROBABLY ,heard about  so-called 200 lbs  pitbull Hulk,who does have mastiff in his pedigree,was registered as pure pitbull. what for to lie? Me and my colleagues who love central asian shepherds are proud to breed healthy purebred dogs,who were made by nature 5000 years old and still  perfect dog with common sense.