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Central asian shepherd alabai is great dog for hiking

Do you like hiking and thinking about getting dog who can be your hiking buddy?

Who is this person you can always count on to go for a hike whenever you feel like it? it’s not a person. It’s man’s best friend: the dog. A fit, happy,healthy dog will likely be more excited to hit the trail . Most dog breeds will enjoy a hike in the woods, but some dogs have back country survival in their pedigree. If you’re a hiker, you need to choose a dog that will be comfortable in the forest , at snow path,and on mountain trails. You’ll need a dog with good recall (comes when called) so it won’t go chasing madly off after a critter or a deer, or worse, a bear. Your dog needs to be strong and have powerful endurance. Central asian shepherd alabai is great dog for hiking. They do great with a variety of temperature from minus to over 100 F. they will protect you if someone want to harm you(animal or human) while you re hiking or staying in a tent or cabin.

Here pictures and videos from our latest trip to Upper Peninsula  Michigan, Ontonagon area.We visited Porcupine mountain state park, trails and lake Superior shore,Ottawa national forest and run some trails in woods.

This vacation  August 2017 we took our 2 central asian shepherds Alsu and Safar with us, we drove 10 hours by car and they just slept all way in back seat of our truck.They re perfect companions for hikes in woods,for walks at rocky shore of lake Superior, or they even followed us behind four wheeler . 90% they stayed without leash and not escaping .

They always alerted us if someone appeared far away at beach and let us know we re not alone at trail at Norwich bluff

 They can wear doggy backpack (we put water and snacks)

They will be around you:they will swim with you in lake  or  will explore waterfalls

They will follow shoreline while you re kayaking-canoeing.

Central asian ovcharka is the perfect breed for people who like to hike and stay outdoors.

They also have a unique coat which get clean itself even after going at the muddiest trails.

When we rode our four-wheeler they run after it,temp were in high 80.Each time we stop,dog went to shade and were relaxing until we start moving..

Central asian shepherd learned to save energy for 5000 year of their existence.they will not bounce around or run in circles.

They will not run after your fourwheeler until they overheat or exhausted, they will let you know that it's time to slow down

 With central Asian shepherd alabai I always feel safe hiking alone in woods .

central asian shepherd