Our puppies,Mothers day litter turned month on june 14.

we decided to present them photosession with professional photographer. All our central asian shepherds took part in it. they re all well socialized and confidient, not agressive to peopel who show no threat.

Central asian shepherd pregnancy


Our dog Aya is 42 days pregnant, today I found her digging under dog house. we have pebbles and hard clay soil  there,so it not easy to dig. you can see results of  few hours digging at pictures below.

central asian ovcharka   

central asian ovcharka


Instincts telling her that she need to do it,like her ancestors did thousands years ago and even now in areas where central asian ovcharkas are habitats..

Holes for nesting puppiesare made by the females of the Central Asian Shepherd in natural conditions. The entrance to the hole is usually located in the shade, next to some kind of shelter (stone, wall,under building). The dimensions of the hole with the nest chamber, built in a very firm ground, can be shocking- it can accommodate an adult man without much inconvenience