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Central Asian Shepherd Dog -

Central Asian Ovcharka- Alabai 

The Ultimate Family and Property Guardian

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog (CASD) is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs. They were formed as a breed from natural selection more than four thousand years ago in the vast territory regions of Central Asia.  The native breed called "Alabai" historically common among central Asian peoples. Selected for their abilities to destroy predators, and praised for their power and stamina, Central Asians used these dogs as livestock guardians and later have transformed them into the working dogs for personal protection use or a “Guardian Dog”. 

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a protective dog who bonds first to its human caretakers and next with its perceived possessions. Bred to solve problems, its independent minded, strong, brave, and responsible. It is a large but agile dog, sometimes described as a cat in dogs clothing.

Today, in The United States, the Central Asian Shepherd breed has been recognized by the United Kennel Club in the Guardian category. 


The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a protective dog which possess

the following characteristics:

  • natural inclination to patrol their territory
  • not “attack dogs”, like dobermans for example
  • strong, brave, and responsible
  • large but agile dog
  • strong guarding instincts
  • extreme loyalty while also providing strong leadership. 
  • social and kind
  • very tolerant to extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • personal/family protection
  • territory protection
  • need little training 
  • very intelligent
  • excel at obedience
  • independent thinkers
  • treat the owner with great respect 
  • natural distrust of strangers


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Central Asian Shepherd

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Stepping on the soft paws, he is right behind you. You turn around - and here the confident animal, it is impressive size and frightening calm. It is likely, he will not rush: perhaps, announce the thunder and strong "wow" - and this would be sufficient. If you are a stranger, you are no longer set foot single step. The majestic Central Asian Shepherd even at photos is  an inspiration  to respect and even more, in person. Central Asian Shepherd Dog - confident, fearless guard. For centuries, the character of these dogs tempered in fights with ferocious wolves.