Please see our Central Asian Shepherd frequently asked questions before completing THIS application

Waiting list and deposit list:

Litter D Alsu and Safar, born September 22 2018 -5 puppies, All are spoken for

Possibly we can breed our dogs in March-May 2019. We have 3 deposits for new litters for females for now(transferred from waiting list 2017-2018)

Please apply if you want to be placed on waiting list

central asian shepherd puppy


Please fill this application if you are interested in adding  a Central Asian shepherd puppy to your family.This application is first step .

I will contact you with more information and we can discuss details about our dogs and puppies.


contact me by filling the form below,before paying deposit.

Deposit is NOT refundable. It will be transferred for future litter.

We re-fund only if we DON`T have a puppy for you or we think puppy will not be a good fit for your house.

Breeder choose the Picks of the litter.(male-female or both)

Deposit payment is $520(20$ is  3% paypal fee)

This is short information form.Once I receive it- I will talk to you about details as price,agreement,breeding-non breeding,show dog-pet dog,live stock guardian etc and then I will send you extended Puppy questionnaire

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