Please see our Central Asian Shepherd frequently asked questions before completing THIS application


Please fill this application if you are interested in adding  a Central Asian shepherd puppy to your family.

Puppies were born ! Mother`s day litter,May 14. two boys and two girls

We require deposit $500 ,which will hold puppy of your choice for you. 

Deposits received:

Male first pick - Alihan-red and white- Deposit paid- W R Indiana

Male second pick- deposit paid 5/2/2017 Jannet  H Tx

Female Aza- deposit paid 6\25\17 Kevin F, Tx

Female Aina-black with light eye brows- available

I can show you puppies thrue Skype and you can choose.

Please follow this instruction to pay deposit thru PAY pal

Avoid PayPal fees when sending/transferring money by following the instructions below.

If paying with credit card, fees can not be avoided, but if you have funds available in your account no transactions fees will be charges when follow these instructions. 

How to Avoid PayPal Fees

Log into PayPal account.

Select send money.

Select “ I'm sending money to family or friends” option NOT “I'm paying for goods or services” purchase.

Enter To and Amount as normal.

Then continue.

Conclude transaction as normal.


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