Meet Larry and Katerina

We, Larry and Katerina, are a married couple living in Michigan on 7 acres of land, surrounded by  55 acres lake and woods. We do not consider dog breeding as our source of income, therefore we are extremely selective in our breeding practices. We will only offer dogs and puppies for sale from mating that are well planned out.
Katerina holds a Masters of Science Degree in economics. She is a Certified Dog Trainer and owns a successful dog training business. Her love for Central Asian Shepherds began in her teenage years when her family owned their first Alabai.
Last summer we visited kennel Sary Shaitan in Moscow, which produces champion show dogs and family guardians for many years. There we got our girls: Aya and Alsu. In January 2016, Katerina traveled to Russia and brought home a male puppy called Safar.

 Our Mission

The mission is to breed Central Asian Shepherd Dogs of true temperament and structure. 
Producing a few litters of purpose with puppies that have stable temperaments, clear thinking minds, intelligence, drive, confidence, free from genetic defects. The goal of this program is to produce healthy offspring that can achieve any task at hand making them easily trainable. It takes time and selective breeding for generations to produce consistent litters, but with intelligence in breeding practices and a keen eye, this can be achieved and put a reverse on the deteriorating canines that are now present in modern times. Dogs will only be sold to responsible owners and we can assist in training. All of the dogs are interacted with on a daily basis and don’t sit in a kennel. They experience real world circumstances on a daily basis and based on their behavior and responses to real world scenarios determines if, how, and why I would breed that particular dog. 

Our goal is to show the beauty, loyalty and capability of this breed to people who are in need of loving companions, property and family guards
— Katerina, Owner of Guardian Dog


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