what is pure Turkmanistan blood central asian shepherd?

Central asian shepherd,Tobet,Alabai, alabai..what are they?

what is pure turkmanistan breed central asian shepherd?

it's dog who was breed in a kennel with ONLY TURKMEN BLOOD.Turkmenistan ist country in central Asia.so  Turkmen bloodline dog its  a dog from this area.
such kennel contains only thoroughbred Turkmen Alabai. All puppies were obtained as a result of breeding only within the group of tested imported Turkmen blood and their descendants. Infusion of the blood of dogs of cultural breeding is excluded. 

how they got bred?

Breeding work of the kennel is based on the method of linear breeding. The main objective of this method is to obtain descendants with pronounced features of the legendary ancestor - the ancestor of the line.

The dog who considered as Turkman bloodline is described by pedigree where All  dogs are the nearest descendants of aborigines, taken directly from Turkmenistan (from the second to the fifth tribe).

There are very few breeds In the world that were formed as natural, Turkmen Alabai is one of those few breeds that has reached our days in its almost original form. The brutal selection over several millennia has created a breed that meets the needs and character of man, it was created to help people in their work and all of their centuries- this breed deserved the right to its worthy preservation.