Central asian shepherd or just a big dog?


False addvertisiemnt is not fun and also misleading! I see posts, all over the world, where breeders advertise dogs with cropped ears and no  tail as pure central asian shepherds. Central asian shepherd is almost 5000 yesr old breed who was made by nature:) and came to us  looking same as years ago.Brave,but calm, Big but athletic.It never been a giant dog as Danes or Mastiff. But fashion for tea cup pigs-pups and dogs and giantism is affecting my favorite breed also

The best way to learn about central asian shepherd is to read FCI standard and watch videos of these dogs from country of origin-Central Asia. 

Central asian shepherd have a unique head shape- its not look like saint bernar or dane or English mastiff.It almost look like a  brick with no harsh stop between muzzle and eyes. Face dont   have wrinkles and droopiness.Lips are thick but not sagging. Eyes are set wide apart and small.

here examples of typical central asian shepherd head shape and body

here examples of dogs who re not central asian shepherds but advertised as pure