Taking central asian shepherd to public dog park

Dog parks are becoming more popular as more and more space is being designated especially for dogs. Good manners coupled with common sense will result in proper dog-park etiquette.

2. Obey your city’s leash laws, keep your dog on-leash until you have entered the gated play area, take off any training collars and leave only a well-fitting buckle collar, and always keep your leash in-hand.
3. Don’t allow dogs in the play area to rush the entryway when a new dog enters the park. Some dogs object to strangers (canine or human) in their faces.
4. Absolutely no aggressive dogs, un-socialized dogs, any dog with a history of fighting and biting or uncontrollable barking should be allowed in the park.
5. Carry your dog’s rabies certificate with you. Dogs can easily lose their tags while playing with other dogs.
6. Do not wait until it is time to go home to call your dog. Frequently call your dog and praise him for coming to you; then, allow him to go and play again.
7. Don’t let your dog harass other dogs. If you own a bully-type dog, please be cautious for other dogs. Don’t ruin the play experience for another dog by allowing your dog to pick on him.
8. Be honest when assessing your dog’s ability to interact appropriately with other dogs and people. Fellow dog owners depend on you knowing your dog very well and reacting appropriately.
9. Be willing to admit that your dog is not dog-park material. You’re not alone. Not every dog has an appropriate attitude for being off-leash and freely interacting with other dogs at the dog park.
10. Know when your dog has had enough and leave the park on a happy note. Like children, dogs can become grouchy when tired or overheated.